Friday, October 16, 2009

A week as an alto

Last week my choir director thought it might be fun to shake things up a bit and move me and a few other people around. One minute I was a soprano, singing the highest notes in the class (thank you very much) and the next i was moved to the lowest and weakest section in the choir- the altos. I was completely devastated. I was scared for both myself and the sopranos, because being the loudest in my section, they would need to step it up without me. not trying to brag or anything. but with the support of my friends i made it through the week, strengthening the altos as i accepted the challenge. On Friday though, she moved me back to the sopranos where the help was truly needed. I am back to being a soprano one, where my voice belongs.

BTW isn't this weather amazing?


Lady Brainsample said...

Nice to see you posted, but I have to say that low is not always weak. Other than a couple parts, I was an alto in My Fair Lady, and those harmonies are WAAAAY harder than the soprano ones were, thank you very much. ;)

((by the way, this totally gives Sam and me to serenade you with Prima Donna All. The. Time.:))

Princess Jasmine Geo said...

but in the choir you couldn't hear them so they WERE the weakest section. Not any more though!

Lady Brainsample said...

Ahh, ok. Gotcha.